Don’t Cha Worry Bout A Thing!

Love Winks With Signs and A Little Wonder

“Don’t cha worry ‘bout a thing” was a swift melodic response to my troubled spirit . The Holy Spirit used a Stevie Wonder classic to soothe and answer concerns I mulled over for months. It calmed resurfacing anger I thought I resolved. It sang an ode of strength and affirmation to challenges that seemed impossible to humanly overcome. Thoughts of Jesus encouraging his followers to seek God’s kingdom first rose up. So did “be anxious for nothing”.

Later that morning, I cracked an egg that had two yolks in one shell. Naturally, I said “ew” and checked “Dr. Google” to ensure it was safe to eat. A hunch caused me to believe that the dual yolk meant more. During my web search, I landed on an intriguing Food and Wine Q&A written by Justine Sterling. It shared the scientific reason for a “double yolk”. Metaphorically, I perceived the meaning and occurrence to be prophetically profound.

“Double-yolk eggs are a byproduct of rapid ovulation. That means two yolks are released in quick succession into a hen’s oviduct (aka fallopian tube) and end up in the same shell. Typically, yolks are released about an hour apart, but hormonal changes or a hyperactive ovary will cause double releases.”

The “churchy” part of me wanted to run after reading that summary. “He who has ears to hear, let him hear”! Immediately, birth, double portions, speed, visions and dreams came to mind. Something is telling me that whether or not we understand or can perceive this season, God’s seed has prepared us for fertilization. After long periods of waiting, fumbles, impatience questioning and doubt; divinity affirms hope and faith. Signs suggest that it’s only a matter of time before physical evidence follows. The blessing is here and now! I encourage every-and-anybody to seek the face of God with your whole heart, mind, soul and being.


During a YouTube scroll, another daughter of the Most High certified “double” as the word of the hour. At that moment, I realized that every part applied to a larger message for kingdom kids. The Word was for folks in transition overcoming struggles, bondage, trauma, trials, heartbreak, depression and oppression. The word came to heal and root the faith of people sitting in an ash heap of life. The Light has come to bless believers awaiting the manifestation of good news, beauty, joy, healing, praise, celebration and favor to God’s glory — in real life. The Spirit of the LORD brings liberty! “Whom the Son makes free is free indeed”.


While this post sat in the drafts awaiting clarity, clocks and signs in all forms recurred with the numbers “2:22” consistently for weeks. The Holy Spirit led me to Daniel 2:22 and Habakkuk 2:2 for reassurance. When I saw a funny parody video of someone performing a mock c-section on a boiled egg with a double yolk, I sensed this was more than a coincidence.

The Living Word of God inseminates the womb of possibilities, multiplication, fruitfulness and life. God is on our side and will perform exactly what He said. May the Holy Spirit reveal deeper personal meanings for us all. May God bless the vision he placed in all of us! May we be prayerful and discerning in all things, in Jesus name. Amen.


May God bless you in every endeavor. May we remember to “be anxious for nothing”. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. On him we “cast every care” and believe in all things.


1. Remember God’s Word “not return void”— like ever.

2. Make time for God every day, no exceptions, no religion, no regimen. Our relationship with God is personal and making real space for that is for our own good. God meets us where we are.

3. Remember God has no equal. Besides Him, there is no other god. Don’t be deceived out here. Read the Word for yourself and invite the Holy Spirit to teach. He will help.

4. Remember God has your back. Don’t let what you see distract you, it’s just residue of the old or a battle for the LORD’s strength. God always and forever will have the final say.

5. God can make our little more than enough. Remember he is Father and Jehovah Jireh. He sends ravens and angels to bless us. Stay focused. What belongs to us will come in due season.

6. “Life be life-in’”. We all go through trials and tribulations. Remember the Lord is our strength. God is good, gracious and very kind. “Trouble won’t last always”. Remember, Job also received a double blessing.

7. Nothing is impossible. Jesus multiplied fishes and loaves. He also filled Peter’s net with overflow after pointing him in the right direction and restored him after his denial. Jesus healed many while in route to his destinations. The same Jesus still lives. Tap in.

8. No more hiding. Isaiah 61:7-9 begins with: “Instead of your shame you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace you will rejoice in your inheritance…” and more. “You betta ask somebody”!


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