Don’t Cha Worry Bout A Thing!

Love Winks With Signs and A Little Wonder “Don’t cha worry ‘bout a thing” was a swift melodic response to my troubled spirit . The Holy Spirit used a Stevie Wonder classic to soothe and answer concerns I mulled over for months. It calmed resurfacing anger I thought I resolved. It sang an ode ofContinue reading “Don’t Cha Worry Bout A Thing!”

Christmas In Spring

A Divine Preview Of Life—The Sequel. SANTA? 👀 After morning coffee, I went straight into prayer. Repentance for wayward thoughts and emotions spearheaded the session. I’m grateful the Holy Spirit hits the hidden spaces we miss. God revealed that resentments were in the way of perceiving Love clearly. Intercession continued in the shower in hopeContinue reading “Christmas In Spring”


Lipton Lessons With Blessings. TEA & POSSIBILITIES LIPTON LESSONS Tea brewed. Love abided in the present. A divine wink stapled itself to Lipton’s string. God halted concerns and hesitation with a tiny note of encouragement. The tagline served as an instruction for us. “Embrace a world of possibili-teas”. After sweating my edges out through trialsContinue reading “TEA & POSSIBILITIES”


POISED TO LEAP A poem written by Njeri Archer © 2022 Stretching became a lesson as God blessed a sudden session of extending my body to extremities, posed to dance through life’s questions. A steep reach towards open windows, an angled stretch towards the wall, made room for Holy Spirit guided eyes to rise withContinue reading “STRETCHING”


Faith Leads To Progress WORDS A poem written by Njeri Archer  © 2022 Words in words out, what we choose gifts thoughts and visions to support each route. Check the fruit if it’s spoiled, unripe or without, the sweetness of peace and dessert peaches or aged grapes, full-bodied and stout. Check it’s fit for crystalContinue reading “TRUST THE PROCESS”