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Written By: Njeri Archer

Divine eyes peer over us. The same presence abides within. Our souls are acquainted with God. Our Creator knows us and chooses us.

With our most precious gift, our breath, we unite with triune strength, wisdom, understanding, guidance and light fit for our present moment. We’re all in process for progress. As we disconnect from our own ideas, understandings, works, thoughts and creations to rest within our bodies, we by the grace of God find the answers we search for.


In stillness, everything we’ve consumed surfaces. The good, the bad and the ugly. Compassionately beholding our inner mirror, reveals unique keys to our life’s path. Self-judgement creates padlocks of the same. On either spectrum we discover the fruit of our unions by our experiences. ‘All things work together for good’1 , via blessing or lesson. With all, there is gain.

At any moment, we can choose to breathe and to ‘be still’ 2.. Before mobilizing our bodies to action in any state other than peace, we can choose to stop. There we can remind ourselves that God, by his Spirit, in love and all power, created us and all things. With God, are the answers to all things. Through the breath of God, we live and stay alive. By his faithfulness, through all things, we thrive.

As we seek God’s word for our lives, his grace creates stillness in us to receive revelation, empowerment and divine exchange. Remembering who God is through hardships, triumphs and transformations we find healing, peace and rest in daily reconnection with our Creator.



  1. Gratitude and thankfulness make days richer and nights easier.
  2. Doing absolutely nothing for a minimum of 10 minutes every single day, is absolutely necessary.
  3. Think of good thoughts and things and contrary thoughts will fall away.
  4. If it’s difficult to switch thoughts, stop, pray and shift your body (i.e.: stretch, move, take a walk, make a meal, think of something funny). This breaks trains of thoughts that aren’t helpful.
  5. Daily time with God empowers us to do what we naturally could not.
  6. Through the highest, lowest, darkest and coldest places, God’s is faithful.
  7. Peace is a cherished intangible miracle. Its value is greater than anything we can accumulate.
  8. God loves us and meets us where we are with strength, wisdom, power, protection and light.
  9. There is power in the name of Jesus — in real life.
  10. God’s still ‘small voice’ 3 comes when we are still.

The new season is warm. Gratitude ushered memories of treasured moments, trials and choices. All steps and missteps were perceived with love, compassion and appreciation. Inside, there is love and new eyes.

Personal reflections transitioned as photos in my mind from zoom to fade. A half smile spread full considering experiences endured and enjoyed. There were lessons and blessings. None of it was judged.

Prayer and solitude bore a shift in perspective. Burdens lifted with transparency. Peace entered and stayed. Fears began to dissipate. This is living grace and mercy.

With God is every answer. In stillness God heals, reveals, calms, strengthens and restores. Our miracle lives in the present moment.



1 KJV Psalm 46:10 2022 Website 2 KJV Romans 8:28. © 2022 King James Bible Online, 3 KJV 1 Kings 19:11-12 2022 Website .

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