a poetic story written by Njeri Archer © 2022

Able to transcend cerebral visions of men, oil of joy pouring freely to every soul he grafts in. 0 Able to heal and transform, loosing bond to free, spirit of heaviness lifted, eyes newly perceive. Fruitful walks through the dry places, flesh to bones, for all to see,1 the concealed becomes known and empowered to be. Living water flow, Breath of Life we breathe. Mending broken hearts through supplications, teardrops and bowed knees. From grave to life 2, nails to rising released our fee into your essence, abiding presence oh yes, true life indeed. No gold, no silver nor coin or cotton leaves transaction can gift riches and treasures like these, natural eyes can’t see.

He who has ears let him hear *, great treasure awaits within. Release the cares of this world and we inherit again. Love is the mission, history echoes all ever known. In an instant, in time, the Spirit repeats all ever told. Forever, at the right hand he keeps his sheep in his fold.3 Able to deliver, able to free , able to restore all once sold.

We are bought with a price, every soul suffering in need. Every voided place filled on the road to destiny.

Buy with no money, eat and drink no strings attached .4 Invite Christ and the Holy Spirit, and never thirst again. 5Life awaits in the temple 6 , behold he knocks again at the door. 7 Open your heart you will find more love than you’ve ever known.

In the vine we are rooted and lead to expected ends, release worry and cares our Friend and Advocate defends 8 . Have faith and believe the true Light of the soul. With him miracle working wonders are embodied in his fold.

There is power in his name, Jesus Christ Lord divine. No man is ever the same once encountering this Light. Though trials do come, though challenges arise, everything we need is abundantly supplied. Love the Lord with all your heart, mind, body and soul. Love your neighbor as yourself and watch joy unfold. ** Invite him and he’ll reveal every lie ever told. Restoring in abundance everything darkness stole.

The desires of our hearts fulfilled; he answers every day. Holy is his name and righteous are his ways. With patience comes wisdom when we ask in his name. High, lifted and forever he’s in position to reign.

Every promise and word, sure as the elements we see. Just as real as the sky, stars and soil clothed evergreen. Trust and believe, he is able to perform, every word that is written, in the vine we receive all. Forgive all offense, follow his voice for the way, his sheep hear him clearly and in his guidance we stay.

Able, yes able, oh able in all. Receive peace like a river, he just passed you the ball. Ask and it is given ***, quiet your mind and listen. Only you have the key to your destiny’s mission. With him is the lock to ‘greater things than these’ ****. Pursue him and you’ll discover all you ever need.

Speak these words when afar. Lord, come into my heart, order my steps, I confess all my sin and recall. For my sin you died and with power rose again. By Your blood I am redeemed and move as You say when.

The bread of life God has given to all that believe, in faith take this step and you will surely receive. 9

Photo by Brian Keith “Outer Space Gif” by BBC
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  1. In the face of all circumstances declare God’s word. Words create worlds.
  2. Through the trial, give God glory. In overcoming, give God glory.
  3. When it gets hard, remember every time God showed up when things seemed impossible, and it all worked out for your good.
  4. No experience can stop the purpose of God in our lives. No present or past thing can hinder when God’s favor is upon you.
  5. No weapon formed will prosper. 10
  6. No man can curse what God has blessed. 11
  7. Trust God, his word does not fail. 12 Every promise is sure. 13
  8. Run with patience, wait with patience. It’s only a matter of time and belief. 14
  9. Close your ears to the ‘sidelines’. If it’s not about love, it ain’t about nothing.


Through loss, disappointment and shedding of the old, God gives songs through the wilderness and parables of life for the soul.

This October day, a still small voice strengthened my inner man through trials in uncertainty. Refusing to allow obstacles circumstances to dictate what I do, I sang affirmations in the sun from a broken and unpolished place. The melody in my heart told my world He’s Able.


Sing a song in the wilderness, as our king sets the table. Trust God in faith, and know he is able. Emotions cloud, push through how you feel. With God follows grace as your next is revealed.


0 Ephesians 3:20 1 Ezekiel 37:1-14 2 * Matthew 11:15 1 Corinthians 15:20-28 3 John 6:36-38 4 Isaiah 55:1 5 John 4:14 6 1 Corinthians 3:16-17 7 Revelation 3:20 ** Matthew 22:37-40 8 1 John 2 ***Matthew 7:7-8 9 Matthew 7:7-8 **** John 1 (Full Chapter) 10 Isaiah 54:17 11 Numbers 23:8 12 Numbers 23:19-23 13 Genesis 12:1-3 14 Hebrews 12:1

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