Written by Njeri Archer ©2022

From the ashes came beauty, with living Word God restores. Light peers through shining armor, truth makes free forevermore. From ourselves Love saves, binding ignorance flees. Reverent honor abides, in worship we bow to our knees. The name above every name declares ‘greater things’ in this Life. Have faith and believe, His presence truly resides.

Trust His Word, ‘God is not a man that he should lie’ 1. Faith plus works empowers His sons and daughters to fly.



  1. give out steady light without flame.


  1. a steady radiance of light or heat.

” Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.”

John 8:12

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

-John 14:6

God’s word creates steady light in dark places. Oxford Languages defines the word glow vividly. Personal encounters attest to this grace. My eyes lit up as the meaning resonated with living experiences. God meets us in trials, highs and lows. Light creates rest and release in the unknown. God’s presence remains and guides through leaps, gutters and caves. Christ’s love crowns us with life.

This is relationship with God, within. David’s witness is true 2. Our glow begins in the soul. Every day, we can experience miraculous dispensations of peace and joy if we choose it. There is none like God. Within God’s kingdom, love is present and immeasurable . Through hardships and triumphs, this love lives and guides. Passion empowers us to live now.


In this living moment, with God, we have the power to choose. Soul renewal materializes with divine companionship and intimacy. Daily, one-on-one time with God revives. Neglect of the same yields the opposite. By grace, love creates possibility in the contrary. Grace gifts now.


As we seek to love God first, our capacity to love expands. Faith, by grace aligns right paths for the living moment. In worship and gratitude, we capture the gift of the present. There, our desires align with his good. Through union within, we become3.

Life teaches us that hope and faith grow by intentional awareness of God’s abiding word and presence. Trust grows with real, living experience of God’s unwavering love. This cannot be replaced . Until we become aware of God truly dwelling with us and in us, there is a void. Through divine fellowship we are equipped and strengthened. By the irrevocable sacrifice of Christ, we are redeemed. By our truths we overcome.


Former things, we can no longer change. As we give thanks for the gift of now, God fills us and absolves opposing energies, fulfilling his promise of peace, love, joy, faith and strength. We have the power to choose. Feeding our spirits with God’s words, yields faith to wait. Love is present in celebration, circumstance, trial, obstacle or challenge.

Peace comes and flows as we offer our concerns to God in exchange for his now. Cast thoughts, worries and concerns up every time it baits 4. Over time, the unanswered becomes easier to release. In God’s presence, we find rest in the present. By grace, we experience the miracle of defying the odds.

While we breathe, we can choose rest through tests and hardships. As we offer our fragility to Higher strength, we become new. With surrender, the residue of experiences created in ambiguity fade. When empty, we are empowered by his Spirit to create worlds reflective of God’s love. In light, we see and perceive his unique path for us.

When we remove our eyes from temporality, we can discern God in the midst, radiantly illuminating the win. With God, we uncover the keys for ‘our right now’ and trust Light to lead us to promised futures. Love is the Glow to Victory.


  1. We wound our own souls by neglecting to invest time learning, absorbing and believing God word about us. Knowledge creates the ability to discern word influence of foreign entities. The fruit of love speaks to wholeness, always.
  2. On tough days, acknowledge the truth and let God in. Worship and gratitude are a doorway to healing.
  3. Light beholds every portion of our being. God, in love works out the ‘kinks’ as we confess them in transparency.
  4. Light highlights truths of our alignments, faith, trust and hope. Light reveals who we are and what we truly believe.
  5. God, who cares for his creation, will heal us if we want to be made whole.
  6. Our bodies are the temple of God5 where our soul also lives. Our minds are a garden. Plant Living Words and you will reap the harvest of the same.6
  7. Thoughts that disrupt peace or seeing ourselves and others through eyes of love and compassion are not of God. Truths may sting but do not judge, accuse or condemn.7
  8. God helps us through weaknesses, vices and hardship. Our lives reveal love surrounding us as we pray for ‘ears to hear’ and eyes to see’. 8
  9. Pain, anger and unforgiveness cleverly hides. Even when its justifiable, it binds. Some hurts were no fault of our own. Some by our own doing. On either spectrum, God is present and faithful. Keep praying, peace and change comes.
  10. Many culturally normalized ways, thoughts & practices are darkly loaded. Lack of knowledge, faith and trust in God opens opposing doors. There is one Light. Trust God alone. He’s always home. Never seek counsel, comfort or affirmation outside of God’s word 9 . Safety dwells in Living Word alone. 10


 “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

– Matthew 5:16


Oxford Languages Dictionary, 1 Numbers 23:19, 2 Psalm 119:105, 3 Matthew 22:37-39 4 1 Peter 5:7 5 1 Corinthians 3:16, 6 Matthew 13:1-23, 7Romans 8:1, 8 Matthew 11:15, 9 Scripture List, 10 Ezekiel 20:7, Poem References Numbers 23:19 *, Ephesians 6:10-18 ** Video References: Isaiah 61:3 *** Matthew 5:16**** . Free Online bible resource


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