A poem written by Njeri Archer © 2022

Our first love relents the worst love. Instead graced, placed, covered, unearthed love. Muddy but lovely, pure recovery , a great escape, Oh yes a sure love.

Endowed with girth, truth, treasure anchored space love. Never leave us , won’t forsake us love. Abiding grace love.

Nothing like it, noble highness , the Alpha and Omega’s refined flint. We are Lively stones. Light dwells in us by the power and radiance of our King’s throne.

11 “He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.”

-Ecclesiastes 3:11


Life is a beautiful gift. We learn and unlearn. As human beings, many of us desire to experience the fullness of life at every phase. We search for love and rest on our paths. We seek to see and experience the beauty of God in ourselves and others every day. We’re born to glow. As we grow closer to God, life gets sweeter as we trust and live in what he said.


Cosby Show episodes were personal favorites growing up. ‘Claire Huxtable’s’ ‘Seek Ye First’ performance brings back memories of playful reenactments with loved ones. We randomly sang in comedic operatic tones as we laughed together. In retrospect, this whole word and instruction was missed and misunderstood for years. The crux of the kingdom is love. We as human beings are being perfected in that love.

The kingdom was grasped in theory, but the experience was once amiss. Interpretations and expressions of the word love we learn over time are subject to inner perceptions and awareness it’s truth. When we see the fruit of our understanding, we discern the range of closeness or distance we are to God’s interpretation of the word and being. In real life, as we seek first this commandment, divine presence opens our eyes. Love reveals and lives through us in ways that are mind blowing. Through the Spirit of God, we encounter beauty.


Adulthood tested and blessed with recurring experiences. God, through love broke cycles that seemed to have no escape. This time was different. Valuable lessons were born through years of trauma and hardship. Illusions of fear and pride dissolved with every truth.

From the beginning, God’s intentions for us are good. When he formed us, he said it was good. Our bible shows us experiences we can potentially draw to ourselves by trusting or placing faith in things that give no life. Much of it was difficult to comprehend at first. We’re taught to fit a mold. To fit a box formed by human beings. Falling in line with the expectations of others are often at the expense of our soul’s peace, destiny and promise. When we’re born, we naturally flow with projected expectations until our souls by grace awakens. There we reencounter who made us.

Sometimes by moving towards anything we subtly discern is misaligned, we create unnecessary or unfruitful experiences that are often far from our intention. As we diligently seek love first, God’s kingdom, reign and authority guides us to his reserve, rooted in truth and love.

As we continue to journey in our own experiences towards God, may he empower us to become acquainted with his love, to wholly love ourselves and others. May we see. May he equip us with the living word to heal and not to harm those challenging to love. May God grant us wisdom and restraint, discerning when to keep silent and when to speak. May we enjoy the fruit of his Kingdom as we surrender our being to him. In Jesus Name. Amen.



  1. Good things are stored and preserved for us by God. Only we possess the keys to unlock our own destinies. God empowers us by his Spirit to use the keys specifically for us.
  2. The more we are willing to unlearn, our capacity expands to receive. There God teaches and fills.
  3. God is all knowing and all powerful. His love is present in all kinds of right and all kinds of wrong. If we reach for him, he will come.
  4. Enjoying the good of our labor is sweeter in love & reciprocity in soul experience. Material things will never replace love.
  5. Human beings are gifts. All of us come with ‘stuff’. We’re all at different stages in life. Our command is to love, not to judge.
  6. God can change anyone at any time.
  7. As we experience ‘reasons, seasons and lifetimes’, and learn, we grow to greater.
  8. We as human beings are intended to be a ‘house of prayer’.
  9. In time, constant communication, reverence, and worship, God leads us to the ‘how’ of all things. As we take time to heal within, God reveals.
  10. Mankind, under no circumstance can do any good thing apart from God.


1 Ecclesiastes 3, Matthew 6:33, The Cosby Show (episode 23 clip), @Glowtovictory Art & Soul

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